Aerobic Capacity: How efficiently the body consumes and uses energy.

Aerobic exercise is the key to pacing and moving quickly through workouts that require a great engine. Endurance style workouts can be a great tool for helping to improve the aerobic endurance and capacity. For those of us who don’t have a pedigree in endurance sport it is necessary to establish a strong aerobic base. Your anaerobic (fast twitch muscle) create the power and explosiveness that is required in most CrossFit workouts. This anaerobic work creates large amounts of lactic acid. Lactic acid makes your muscles burn and depletes your body of oxygen causing you to slow down or stop. Your aerobic (slow twitch muscle) controls pace and is key to processing and flushing the lactate produced by anaerobic power output. Although we do train aerobic exercise in our regular classes, we don’t do many endurance style workouts due to logistics. These workouts require more time and personal attention based on ability. For those of us who do not have an aerobic background this could be the key to pushing our aerobic capacity to the nest level.

With the CrossFit Open approaching we can all use a engine boost as many of the workouts are aerobic capacity based. We will begin to post an endurance style work on Thursday’s open gym blog. Athletes who are interested in growing in this area will have a opportunity to take on professional endurance programming. For this programming we will look to Chris Henshaw’s Aerobic Capacity website. Chris Henshaw is the leading CrossFit coach in this area. He is a former competitive endurance athlete and has worked with dozens of CrossFit’s leading male and female games athletes. Be sure check out the blog on Thursday and tackle the endurance Wod!

Workout –

A. 5 Rounds:

50 Double Unders

10 Squat Cleans 125, 85L  155, 105RX

B. 1ooo M Row

Flush Out Pace

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