Workout – Wednesday 10/31/2018







Saturday Morning Classes: For the past several weeks our Saturday morning class attendance has been slow. Lets make a push to get back in on Saturday morning so we can hold our awesome team workouts. We are open to suggestions! let us know in the comments below if there is something we can do to make it easier to get in on Saturday’s. We will consider adjusting class times or anything else we can do to grow attendance.



Down and Up !

31 Cal Row

31 Hell Raisers

31 Wall Balls 20, 14RX   14, 10F

31 Box Jumps

31 Toes to Bar

31 DB Snatch

31 DB Overhead Walking Lunges

31 V-Ups

31 HR Push Ups   (HSPU Comp)

31 Burpees



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