Workout – Wednesday 08/22/2018







Home Work:

Yesterday we asked two questions. Why did I start CrossFit? Why do I CrossFit now? These are important questions because the two answers should be the same. It takes a ton of motivation to start CrossFit. Its not easy to go into a strange new environment and work as hard as we do even in foundations. So your original motivations for beginning CrossFit should be enough. We all get into workout slumps. Make sure you fall back on your original motivations when this happens. Know that if you walk through that door you are increasing your fitness and making a positive impact on your life. Take time to appreciate the small accomplishments achieved in class even if you don’t win the workout. Make sure you have realistic performance expectations. Understand that some of this stuff is hard and takes YEARS to master. At the end of the day a bad performance in the CrossFit gym is a heroic performance to the average person. Be proud of what you do and that you are punching life in the face every time you walk through those gym doors. That is motivation enough. Now lets train!


A. Handstand Walks/Holds – 5 Min Max Effort

B. 3 Rounds:

400 M Run

10 Bar Facing Burpees

15 Power Snatch

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