Workout – Wednesday 01/10/2018









Body Weight & Performance: What if before class your coach randomly distributed 25# weight vests to 1/3 of the class? Would it be unfair to those who received a vest? The answer is a huge yes. How much excess weight are you lugging around in your workout and everyday life. It would be my guess that our average member is holding 20-25 pounds of extra weight. Whether you are over or under that number every pound of extra weight your body holds puts you at a disadvantage. Eat meat and veggies, nuts and seeds, and some fruit. Avoid sugar and starchy foods at all costs. Your joints and workout times will thank you!


A. Dynamic Warm-Up

B. Endurance WOD:

50 Toes to Bar

800 M Run

100 Air Squats

800 M Run

50 Bar Burpees

800 M Run

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