Workout – Wed 03/29/2017







Personal Training Special: 3 x 45-60 min sessions for $100.00! Thats a $50.00 discount.

Did you know SoCap CrossFit has a personal training program? Coach Adam has ran personal training sessions since the beginning of the gym several years ago. Now that the open is over we all know what are weaknesses really are. These training sessions are geared to attack those weaknesses in a very detailed way. What do you need special work with? Gymnastics, Strength, Mobility, Olympic Weightlifting, Endurance, Speed, Efficiency, Special Skills and Calorie burner workouts are all within the realm of what we can help with. It is a guaranteed way to boost your fitness and separate yourself from the crowd. Ask coach Adam any questions you may have!


A. Front Squat: 15 Rep Max

B. Rowing: 4 x 500 M Sprints.

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