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***Update***: Awesome work to everyone who has attended class the last two days. The workouts have been tough and unusual. We are still in the drying process. Hopefully we can start getting the mats cleaned and back down soon. All the flooring has been removed and the gym is in the drying and cleaning process. We will hold classes but equipment and space is still limited. Come in and be ready to work!

Running: Check out this awesome write up on Mondays running workout by our member and accomplished runner Peter Tauber. Thanks Peter!

Yesterday’s 8x400m runs were a great practice for improving your 800m and 1 mile times.
But how to know how fast you should run the 400m splits? There is a simple formula
that runners use: Take your best 1 mile time and divide it by 4.
So 8min mile = 2min 400m split, 8:40min mile = 2:10min, 10min mile = 2:30min, etc.
Then take equal time to rest. You won’t improve by taking shorter or longer rest times
in between, just use the exact split time you’re running to rest.

So if you can run the mile in 8mins, run every single 400m split in 1:55 – 2 mins and
take exactly 2 mins rest in between each 400m split. It’s harder mentally than physically!
If that was too easy, then next time you do this try 1:50 – 1:55 with 1:55 rest for
each of the 8 400m splits ( and you are able to run 1 mile much faster than the 8 mins
to begin with ? ).

If you practice the 8x400m at least 1 – 2 times per month (with a training partner, it’s really
hard mentally to do this by yourself!), then you will see quite some improvements of your
800m and 1 mile times by mid summer.

2 more quick tips:
1) It’s much better to run with constant speed than running too fast. E.g. running all 8 in
2 mins each is much more beneficial than running the first 4 in 1:50 and then having to run
the other 4 in 2:10+ each. Don’t start too fast even if it is easy at first.
2) If you never ran 1 mile or don’t know your time, then you can estimate by doubling your
800m time and adding 30 secs. For instance 800m in 4 mins equates to an 8:30 mile.


All classes will be held on the regular schedule unless announced here!

Sometime Saturday evening a major water line in one of the adjacent businesses to the gym broke. We came in Sunday to find the majority of the gym to be under 1 inch of water. After an emergency clean up we were able to save most of the equipment in the gym. The clean up and drying process has been turned over to restoration crews. Most of the gym flooring and lower walls will need to be removed, dried, cleaned, painted and/or replaced. This process could take a few days as restoration crews continue the clean-up effort. Its a mess.

We will try to continue classes at our normal hours. Clean up crews and equipment will be in and out of the gym regularly. Space and workout equipment will be limited making it difficult to program workouts in advance. The good thing about CrossFit is you don’t need much to get in a great workout! Show up and be ready for the unknown and unknowable.

Please keep an eye on this blog for any possible changes to the schedule. Thanks for your understanding!

Coach Adam

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