Workout – Tuesday 10/30/2018







S – Scaled: An alternate movement/load option for people dealing with injury, mobility, or other physical conditions. Goal – Scale workouts to increase the chance of continued growth in overall fitness.

B – Beginner: Loads, skills and volume that most people brand new to CrossFit should be able to complete. Goal – Become familiar with functional CrossFit movements and slowly build strength, conditioning and technique.

Workout –

A. Every other 30 seconds – 10 Mins Total:

ME Deadlifts   225, 155RX   185, 125F   155, 105B

ME Cal Row

B. 2 Rounds:

100 Double Unders   (Jumping Double Taps or 200 Singles)

25 Thrusters  95, 65RX   85, 55F  75, 45B

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