Workout – Tuesday 10/22/2019


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Test – Retest:

We expect for everyone to complete and approach the open workouts just like our regular class workouts!!! If you want to increase your fitness you’ll be there. The open provides a unique opportunity to go back and test a recently completed workout. Doing these workouts twice allows athletes to learn important concepts like pacing and strategy. Open workouts give instant feedback on weaknesses and we look forward to working through the next 4 weeks. If you complete each workout you will be more fit than before you started!

Workout –

A. Power Clean: Establish the heaviest 2 singles possible

B. 3 Rounds:

3 25′ Walking Lunges¬† (50, 35)¬† (35, 25)
12 Burpee Pull Ups (10 Muuscle Ups C)

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