Workout – Tuesday 04/10/2018









Encourage your fellow athletes! We want to build an atmosphere of incredible support and encouragement at the gym. If you are not working out take the time to root someone on. Though we want the gym to be a social place, It is probably best not be talking about getting dumped over the weekend 5 feet away from someone who is 80 burpees into a set of 100.

Spring Referral Program:

From now until July 1st we will be starting a new referral program. Any member that refers a friend to the gym who signs up for one of our 6 month memberships will receive $70.00 off their membership fee. Referrals are unlimited so you add up multiple $70.00 discounts. Help the gym and yourself by telling your friends about us!


4 Rounds:

1 Min at each movement. 1 Min rest after each round


Double Unders

Air Squats

Ab Mat Crunches  ( GHD  RX+)



Speak Your Mind


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