Workout – Tuesday 02/06/2018







Injury Prevention: All CrossFitters are athletes. All athletes deal with aches and pains. Be sure you are monitoring your body and dealing with these aches and pains as soon as they appear. Don’t assume that a new problem will go away on its own. More than likely if you keep working out the same area it will continue to tighten and become inflamed. Try to be proactive in dealing with small issues that could become big ones. If you are not sure how to deal with certain aches in pains be sure to ask coach Adam or research it on your own. You Tube is a great place to find instructional body work videos. A good place to start is Kelly Starett and his page called Mobility Wod.

Workout –

A. 4 Rounds:

R1 – 800 M Run | R2- 600 M Run | R3 – 400 M Run | R4 – 200 M Run

10 Front Squats 135, 95L   185, 125RX

15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

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