Workout – Tuesday 01/02/2017








A New Year: We hope everyone has had an awesome holiday break. Its time to get back to work and excitement to train harder is already flowing through the gym. We have ordered several new pieces of equipment that will start flowing into the gym over the next week or so. Investing into the gym and our membership is important to us. Please share your experience at SoCap CrossFit with the people you interact with daily. Word of mouth marketing has been proven to be the best marketing for our business. If everyone was able to bring one person to the gym in the next 3 months the amount of classes, coaching, and equipment we have would skyrocket!


A. Complex: 2 Cleans + 1 Squat + 1 Jerk

B. 10 Min AMRAP:

15 Thrusters   85, 55L  105, 70RX

15 Pull Ups (Chest to Bar RX+)

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