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May/June Referral Program:

For the next two months, anyone who refers a friend that signs up for a six month membership will receive $100.00 of there membership. This is an awesome opportunity to save some money and help the gym! Referral must be mentioned at sign-up and must be a new customer/lead to the gym.

Social Media: Be sure to take pictures and tag your gym friends and coaches in social media posts. It really makes a huge difference in the interest level of new customers. How does it help you? growth will allow us to order more equipment, hire more coaches, expand space, and offer more class times and programs.

Today’s Workout:
“Fight Gone Worse”
3 rounds for total reps.
1 minute at each station, 5 stations.
1 minute rest in between each round.

5 stations:
Concept 2 Row (Calories)
Thrusters 85, 55L  95, 65RX
Pull Ups
Bar Facing Burpees
Power Snatch

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