Workout – Tues 03/14/2017







“Intense Competition”

That pretty much sums up what the open is. By competing in the open we push ourselves to a max effort all the while trying to achieve movements and weights that make us feel uncomfortable. Whether you are competing against yourself, gym peers or for a spot at regionals, we all feel the same pressure. How do you react to that pressure. Does it help or hurt your athletic performance? Does it stress you out? Do you tend to step up to the occasion or melt under the pressure? We can learn a ton about ourselves by going through the discomfort of the open competition. I for one have worked on and continue to work on my my mental and emotional game. I still have a lot of work ahead of me but I realize that continuing to push myself through these stressful situations will help me grow as a person. The open and CrossFit in general can help us deal with other hardships that life will bring us. So for everyone who goes into the fire knowing its going to burn I truly commend you. Know that you are physically and mentally tougher than millions of people. Awesome work!

Coach Adam



A. 2 Rounds:

25 Overhead Squats 85, 55L  95, 65RX

25 Toes to Bar

9 Min Cap

B. 2 Rounds:

25 Deadlifts  155, 105L  185, 135RX


8 Min Cap

C. 2 Rounds:

25 Thrusters 85, 55L  95, 65RX

50 Double Unders

7 Min Cap


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