Workout – Thursday 12/19/2019

Invoke Membership Sign-Up:

Due to the discounted first month rate, everyone who wants to join CrossFit Invoke will need to email or show up there for a class and ask to speak to Brandon. If you have any questions about joining CrossFit Invoke or the closing of SoCap CrossFit you can contact coach Adam at any time! 919-418-6639

Open Gym!!!

For those of you that want to get better at CrossFit: COME TO OPEN GYM AND WORK HARD! Autonomy in your fitness program is extremely important. It can help fill the gap of weaknesses that each individual may have. A coach will be around to help with your workout and technique. Use this very valuable free time to your advantage!

Suggestions for open gym:

1. Make up a missed workout from this week.
2. Work on weaknesses and make up your own plan for a workout.
3. Have a coach give you a workout to complete.
4. Work on flexibility and mobility.

Open gym time is vital to the growth and success of all our members

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