For the next 5 weeks we will be participating the the 2020 CrossFit Games Open! This will require a slight change in our weekly schedule. ALL class times will remain the same but class logistics will be slightly different on Fridays and Mondays! Due to the wild schedule changes of the CrossFit Games Season we are not promoting signing up for the Open through the games website.  Instead, We will keep a in the gym leaderboard for those of us who complete the workout at the scaled or prescribed standard. We will still hold open gym on Thursday. On Friday and Monday we will complete the weekly open workout announced by CrossFit HQ. There will be a prescribed and scaled version of these workouts that everyone can attempt. These workouts are similar to the workouts we program on a regular basis so everyone can participate! Everyone will be provided a peer to judge standards and count your reps. This is an awesome opportunity to test yourself against the standards of CrossFit we preach every day. If you can not complete certain standards we will give you a prescribed standard to complete so don’t worry! At the start of each class time a coach will go over technique, standards and strategy for the specific workout. We look forward to another open season and the opportunity to test and retest workouts for the next several weeks!

Open Gym!!!

For those of you that want to get better at CrossFit: COME TO OPEN GYM AND WORK HARD! Autonomy in your fitness program is extremely important. It can help fill the gap of weaknesses that each individual may have. A coach will be around to help with your workout and technique. Use this very valuable free time to your advantage!

Suggestions for open gym:

1. Make up a missed workout from this week.
2. Work on weaknesses and make up your own plan for a workout.
3. Have a coach give you a workout to complete.
4. Work on flexibility and mobility.

Open gym time is vital to the growth and success of all our members

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