Workout – Thursday 07/26/2018








Foundations: We will now be holding foundations at 6:45pm on Thursday evening. All members are welcome to join if the class has foundations attendees.

New Shirts: We still have some of the new style shirts in stock. Pick one up and update your gym look!


Front Squats: 4×5 @ 70%

Open Gym!!!

For those of you that want to get better at CrossFit: COME TO OPEN GYM AND WORK HARD! Autonomy in your fitness program is extremely important. It can help fill the gap of weaknesses that each individual may have. A coach will be around to help with your workout and technique. Use this very valuable free time to your advantage!

Suggestions for open gym:

1. Make up a missed workout from this week.

2. Work on weaknesses and make up your own plan for a workout.

3. Have a coach give you a workout to complete.

4. Work on flexibility and mobility.

Open gym time is vital to the success of all our members

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