Workout – Thursday 03/29/2018
Check out this post from our very own Peter Tauber! Congrats to everyone who pushed themselves hard throughout the open.
Well it’s official – congrats to my friend Lisa Crosslin for placing 157th worldwide in her age category in the Crossfit Open 2018! With that, Lisa will be moving on to the qualifiers for the Crossfit Games. If she places among the top 40 during the qualifiers then she will be able to compete at the Games in Madison, WI. But regardless, even making it to the qualifiers is a great personal accomplishment that we mere mortals cannot even imagine 😊 Lisa, you rock!

Also congrats to coach Adam Blevins for placing 128th in the Mid-Atlantic region in the Crossfit Open, his best result ever when competing in the Open. And as an added incentive for next year, with the results of this year Adam would’ve placed 151st worldwide in the age category he will compete in next year, and would’ve also moved on to the qualifiers! You’ll do it in 2019 Adam! #crossfit #socapcrossfit

— in Raleigh, North Carolina

Peter Tauber


Easter Holiday Schedule:

Thursday: (No Open Gym) Regular Classes and Hours

Friday: Good Friday Limited Hours – Open Gym 5:00pm to 7:00pm Only

Saturday: Normal 10:30am Class



A. 9-15-21-27

Hang Power Snatch   95, 65RX  75, 45L

Bar Burpees

B. Max Distance DB Walking Lunge

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