Workout – Thur 09/22/2016








Sat 09/24/2016 Olympic Lifting Competition:

Instead of our normal sat crossfit class we will hold a inner gym mock Olympic weightlifting competition. This will be a cool change from our regular activities. Everyone will have the opportunity to establish a max snatch and clean and jerk under real Olympic weightlifting standards. Lifters will be ranked by the % of body weight they lift so everyone is on the same playing field! We hope everyone will come out and give it their best!


For those of you that want to get better at CrossFit: COME TO OPEN GYM AND WORK HARD! Autonomy in your fitness program is extremely important. It can help fill the gap of weaknesses that each individual may have. A coach will be around to help with your workout and technique. Use this very valuable free time to your advantage!

Open Gym!!!

Suggestions for open gym:

1. Make up a missed workout from this week.

2. Work on weaknesses and make up your own plan for a workout.

3. Have a coach give you a workout to complete.

Open gym time is vital to the success of all our members. Everyone has weaknesses that need work so take advantage of the free time and be disciplined about getting quality gym work in.

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