Workout – Monday 08/07/2017








We all have busy schedules. We know and understand. The last couple of months we have had a serious issue with members showing up significantly late to class. In an effort to end the madness we will activate our old late policy. 10 burpees per minute you are late. Anyone later than 10 mins will complete 100 burpees and have to wait till the second workout to start class. Anyone 15 mins or later will have to wait until the following class unless it is the last class of the day and you have made previous arrangements with coach Adam. There are several reasons why lateness is bad for you and the gym operations. Athlete safety Is #1. Don’t look at the burpees as a punishment but more of a very efficient warm up. Please show up on time and happy burpees!

A. Madison Chipper:

5 rounds –

400 meter run

10 Power clean bar burpees 145, 105L 185, 125 Rx

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