Workout – Monday 02/19/2018






For the next 5 weeks many athletes at the gym will be competing in the CrossFit Games Open. We will attempt each open workout on Fridays and Mondays. All class hours will be the same but instead of our normal workouts we will complete the open workout for that week. Anyone can do these workouts and they are scale able just like our daily workouts. Everyone will have the chance to experience what the open is all about!

Open Competitor’s Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Hard Training (2nd Open Workout Attempt after week 1)

Tuesday: Hard Training

Wednesday: Light Weight – Light Volume – Hard Effort & Short Time Conditioning (10 Mins or Less)

Thursday: Rest Day – Optional Mobility/Very light conditioning

Friday: First Open Workout Attempt

Saturday: Light/Medium Weight – Normal Volume – Hard Effort

Sunday: Rest Day – Optional Mobility/Very light conditioning



A. 3 Rounds:

30 Dumbell Snatch  35, 25L  53, 35RX

15 Burpee Box Jumps

B. Complex:

2 Front Squats + 1 Jerk – Work up to heaviest attempt possible


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