Workout – Mon 11/07/2016








Test then Re-Test:

Today we will redo Fridays workout to see if we can better our performance. This is a similar concept to how we will compete in the open. Most athletes in the open will try the workout on Fridays and then retry on Monday to see if they can squeeze out more reps. This is a good exercise because it allows us to see what numbers other competitors are putting out and gives us the opportunity to push a little harder in certain areas of the workout. The goal is to maximize your individual performance and get as far through the workout as physically possible. FYI: top performers are scoring : Elite Men 400 Reps. Elite Women 375.

CrossFit Liftoff:

The CrossFit Liftoff is an annual online competition ran by CrossFit HQ. It consist of a max effort snatch and clean and jerk and 1 open style conditioning workout. Today we will complete 2 of the 3 events.

Events 2 & 3

A. Clean & Jerk: Warm up and slowly work up to a 1 rep max.

B. 15 Min AMRAP:

25 pull-ups

50-calorie row

100 overhead squats 45, 35

50 Box Jumps

25 pull-ups

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