Workout – Mon 04/03/2017





Set goals. Start working toward them immediately. Sign up for a local competition. Continue the momentum of fitness after the open. Do something. Don’t lose what you worked so hard to gain. To be continued…

We all go through slumps and times where motivation is lacking. Still show up. Work hard anyway. When your motivation kicks back in you will still ahead of the game and getting better. At the very least you are burning calories and increasing strength and condition. Being healthy is always worhtwhile and never a bad thing.

We will be sending some athletes to compete in the Festivus Games in Durham on 04/22. The workouts look good this year so if you are interested ask coach Adam or check it out here:

A. Push Press: 15 Rep Max

B. 9-9-9-9-9

Burpees over the bar

Front Squats 125, 85L   155, 105RX

Toes to Bar

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