Workout – Min 12/05/2016









The cold and flu season is among us! Please help in keeping the gym a healthy place by following some of these simple rules:

1. Wash your hands when you get to the gym and before you leave.

2. Wipe down all the equipment that you use during your training session. Bars, PVC pipes, ab mats, Rowers etc.

3. If you are running a fever or can not control your cough please stay at home and get some much needed rest.

Thank you!



A. 12 Min AMRAP:

3-3, 6-6, 9-9, 12-12, 15-15, 18-18 ETC

Thrusters 85, 55L  100, 70RX

Chest to Bar Pull Ups  (Pull Ups L)

B. Diane:


Deadlift 185, 135L  225, 155RX


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