Workout – Friday 09/15/2017








Hi Gentlemen, the SoCap ladies organize to do something together quite often, so AJ and I thought we should at least try to get a group of guys together, have a couple of beers and just shoot the breeze. How does next week Thursday, Sept. 21, after Open Gym around 7:30 pm sound? We thought about going to Oak & Dagger at 18 Seaboard Ave, it’s not far from the gym and they have food and good beer. Let us know in case this will work for you. If another weekday or time would work better please also let us know, and we can try to find some time that’s better for more of us. And of course we know that not everybody is part of this Members page, so we’ll talk to some guys who we’ll see in the gym over the next few days and spread the word. I’m having a challenging work schedule myself at the moment, but I promise to make time, so we hope some of you will make time also. Thanks! 🍻🍺 Peter Tauber


A. 15 Min AMRAP:

36 Double Unders

6 Squat Cleans   175, 105 L  205, 135 Rx

12 HRPU  (HSPU rx+)

B. 3×500 Meter row Intervals

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