Workout – Friday 07/14/2017








Awesome work this week! Everyone goes through slumps where motivation is hard to come by. The fittest people show up and work out anyway. When the slump ends they are much further ahead than those who didn’t show up. The slump always ends. You will not lose weight if you don’t eat healthy and will not become fitter if you don’t show up.

Our lovely Sharifa is having a gym get together this evening after the afternoon classes. Here is her post from our members Facebook page:

If anyone is around tomorrow night and wants to kick back I’m stocking the fridge with beer and making a big batch of guac. Come and go whenever after classes are done! 512-743-2809 if you want to swing by. BYOB and snacks if you’re hungry!


A. 2 Rounds:

50 Cal Row

35 KB Swings 35, 26  53, 35

20 Clusters 85, 55L  95, 65RX

5 Rope Climbs   (25 Ring Rows)


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