Workout – Friday 02/15/2018







Competition and Expectation:

It is normal in CrossFit to find ourselves in competitive situations. There are a different levels of competitiveness within our athletes. Knowing how to use this drive in a positive way can be difficult but crucial to your success. For those of you who are not very competitive it may be necessary to use competition as a tool. It can  motivate you to push harder and grow your fitness and health. The extremely competitive person can use it to reach high levels of performance. In some cases competitiveness can lead to disappointment and a sense of failure. Realistic expectations are a huge aspect of using competition as a positive motivator. Make sure you have achievable expectations of your success. Remember that everyone has a different pedigree of natural and obtained skills. Experience and genetic ability of others is out of your control.  All you can do is your absolute best. Ultimately a 100% effort should be what we all strive for. At the end of the day we are all here to increase our health and fitness. Make sure your competitiveness is a positive aspect of your healthy lifestyle and that your performance expectations are realistic. Your mental and physical fitness will thank you!

A. 12 min AMRAP:

5-10-15-20-25-30 Etc

Thrusters 85, 55L  105, 70RX

Toes to Bar

B. Come and see


Speak Your Mind


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