Workout – Fri 11/04/2016









New Shirts:

***Please sign-up & pre pay ($20.00 cash) by next Sat 11/12/2016*** We will be starting a new shirt order this week and will keep a sign-up sheet on the display case for the next week or two. Our very own Big Ricc prints shirts on the side and he has a cool new design that we will use (see above). Help represent the gym and order one!

CrossFit Liftoff:

The CrossFit Liftoff is an annual online competition ran by CrossFit HQ. It consist of a max effort snatch and clean and jerk and 1 open style conditioning workout. Today we will complete 2 of the 3 events.

Events 1 & 3

A. Snatch: Warm up and slowly work up to a 1 rep max.

B. 15 Min AMRAP:

25 pull-ups

50-calorie row

100 overhead squats 45, 35

50 Ab Mat Crunches

25 pull-ups

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