Ben is a good friend and coach who I have known for 4 years now. He always has good tips for the open wods! Check out the video:

16.4 Tips!

Open Gym!!!

Suggestions for open gym:

Try the open workout!

1. Make up a missed workout from this week.

2. Work on weaknesses and make up your own plan for a workout.

3. Have a coach give you a workout to complete.

Open gym time is vital to the success of all our members. Everyone has weaknesses that need work so take advantage of the free time and be disciplined about getting quality gym work in.

Open Wod 16.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
55 deadlifts  135, 95 S   225, 155RX
55 wall-ball shots (20, 10 9ft s)  (20, 14 RX)
55-calorie row
55 handstand push-ups (HRPU S)

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