CrossFit – Lose weight, gain muscle, and become the fittest version of yourself. At SoCap CrossFit we strive to offer our program in the most authentic way possible by sticking to what the founder of CrossFit Greg Glassman created: Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.

CrossFit Light – Lowered weight and more reps offer a conditioning style workout for those who want to stay away from heavy weightlifting.

SoCap Competition: Heavier weights and increased work volume in the most efficient package possible. For people interested in taking CrossFit to the highest level possible. Our SoCap competition program strives to be world class.

Open Gym – Open gym time allows members to work on weaknesses, create your own workout, or make up workouts that you missed. There will usually be a coach floating around to answer any questions.

SoCap Meal Plans – Nutrition is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Need help with your nutrition? We can offer you and personal program based off of the Zone and Paleo diets to help you reach your health goals.

Coming Soon: Keep an eye out for these programs as membership grows!

SoCap Barbell

SoCap Yoga

SoCap Sports Massage

SoCap Mobility

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