Living Social Information

New customers only!

Living Social Info:
Please print and fill out the following Waiver: SoCap CrossFit WAIVER RELEASE  front and back and bring it to your first class along with your printed Living Social Voucher. YOU MUST HAVE BOTH DOCUMENTS TO PARTICIPATE!!!

– Offer A: Includes 30 days of twice weekly Foundation Classes offered on Tues and Thurs nights at 6:45pm. Offer ends 30 days after your first visit.

Be sure to follow our Daily Workout Blog on this website and like us on Facebook to keep updated with what’s going on at the gym.


Living Social Foundation Course Times:

Tues 6:45pm
Thur 6:45pm

Living Social Regular Class Times: (After Foundation Course Completion)

Mon-Fri 11:45am, 4:45pm, 5:45pm, 6:45pm

Sat 10:30am

*subject to change at management’s discretion

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