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Workout – Tuesday 01/09/2017

          A. Weightlifting: 4 Hang Cleans + 4 Front Squats + 4 Jerks Complete work as quick as possible. Work up to heaviest load possible. B. For Time: 250 M Row 15 Thrusters 95, 65L  115, 75RX 25 Russian KB Swings 53, 35L  70, 53RX 15 … Read More »

Workout – Monday 01/08/2018

              Workout: A. 10 Min EMOM: 2 Squat Snatch B. 12 Min AMRAP: 25 pull-ups 50-calorie row 100 overhead squats 45, 35 RX 50 box jumps 25 pull-ups … Read More »

                On 01/27/2018 coach Adam will be competing at the Sua Sponte Games in Durham. We would love to have multiple teams represent the gym. If you are interested there is beginner and intermediate divisions. This would be a … Read More »

            For those of you that want to get better at CrossFit: COME TO OPEN GYM AND WORK HARD! Autonomy in your fitness program is extremely important. It can help fill the gap of weaknesses that each individual may have. A coach will be around to … Read More »

Workout – Wednesday 01/03/2017

            We will be keeping an eye on the weather this evening. As of now the schedule has not changed. If the evening schedule does change we will post to our FB page later this afternoon. Workout: A. 2 Rounds: 40 Cal Row 20 … Read More »

Workout – Tuesday 01/02/2017

              A New Year: We hope everyone has had an awesome holiday break. Its time to get back to work and excitement to train harder is already flowing through the gym. We have ordered several new pieces of equipment that will start flowing … Read More »

Workout – Friday 12/29/2017

        New Year Holiday Schedule: Friday 12/29: 6:45pm Canceled Saturday 12/30: 10:30am Open Gym Monday 01/01: 1:00pm Open Gym only Workout: A. 4 Rounds: 50 Double Unders 35 KB Swings   35, 25L  53, 35 RX B. Back Squat: 10-7-5-5-5-10 Start … Read More »

Workout – Thursday 12/28/2017

            Endurance Wod: ROW WORKOUT OPTION #2 Part 1: 500m at fast pace or SR b/t 32-36 (record your time), Rest: 3min Part 2: 8 sets: 150m at fast pace or SR b/t 32-36, 100m at moderate pace or SR b/t 28-32, 50m at easy recovery … Read More »

Workout – Wednesday 12/27/2017

            New Year Holiday Schedule: Friday: 6:45pm Canceled Saturday: 10:30am Open Gym Monday: 1:00pm Open Gym only Workout: Each workout has a 7 Min Cap and 3 Min rest period: A. 21-15-9 Power Snatch  115, 75 RX Bar … Read More »

Workout – Tuesday 12/26/2017

            We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Lets get back to work. Schedule Today: 11:45am, 5:45pm, 6:45 Foundations A. 18 min AMRAP: 10 Overhead Walking Lunge 10 DB Burpees 10 DB Snatch 10 OV Walking Lunge 10 Pull … Read More »

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