Competition & Workout – Wed 01/11/2017









Everyone has a different level of competitiveness. If managed correctly it can be an awesome tool for pushing yourself past your normal barriers. If used incorrectly it can hurt motivation and moral. Some of us started CrossFit for the sole reason of being able to compete again in life. Some of us start CrossFit to simply get fit and look good. BOTH reasons are perfectly legitimate. Lets be careful to use our levels of competitiveness as a positive aspect of our fitness. If you are not a super competitive person just know that every time you make it to the gym you are taking a huge step in reaching your fitness goals. Try to use people that are at your same level as a measurement to push yourself. If you are competitive know that you will never win every workout. Make sure that your losses are just as motivating as your wins and know that it takes YEARS of work to compete at the highest level. Remember every class you attend provides Mental, Emotional, and Physical growth. And that’s awesome!


A. Jerk: 6 Rep Max

B. 21-15-9

Power Snatch 85, 55L   95, 65RX

Overhead Squat

7 Overhead Lunges

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