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Simple tips to fight laziness so you make it to the gym:

Though attendance over the holidays hasn’t been terrible, I sense that some of our members are feeling a little of the lazy bug. Here are a few ways to combat that feeling and get your ass to the gym.

Heavy Breakfast Light Lunch – Its pretty much a given that if you head to the local jumbo china buffet for lunch you aren’t going to feel like working hard physically or even bothering to show up to the gym. Try to keep your lunch light and healthy. Stay away from heavy and super seasoned foods.

Small Snack – A small and healthy snack 90 mins before a workout can go a long way in giving you the energy boost and confidence you need to crush a workout.

Pre-Workout Supplement – This can be the secret sauce that you are missing. Most of today’s pre-workout supplements are fairly healthy and actually contain many supplements that help with soreness and muscle growth. Its not hard to go hard when you are jacked out the frame!

Don’t Go Home – Come straight to the gym from work. Bring your workout clothes. Don’t ever ever ever go home and sit on the couch.

I absolutely guarantee that if you follow these simple tips your attendance will increase and your fitness will thank you!!!

Adam Blevins

SoCap CrossFit



A. 12 min AMRAP:

15 Thrusters 85, 55L   100, 70RX

15 Pull Ups  (chest to bar RX+)

3 Rounds must be completed every 5 min: 15 Burpee Penalty

B. 40-30-20

Cal Row

KB Swings





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