Our Story

The first time I was exposed to CrossFit was in 2011 when I ran across the 2011 CrossFit games on ESPN 2. At that time in my life I was physically active but felt an emptiness In my life and wasn’t completely happy with how life was challenging me. My full time job was a dead end position and  did not challenge me either. When I came across the games I knew CrossFit was the perfect challenge for me. A week later I started my first foundations class at the local  CrossFit gym and was hooked. The first few months were hard for me. I had always done well at sports but many of the movements in CrossFit were extremely hard for me. It took a month before I could overhead squat a 45# bar. Though I struggled at first I noticed other things that were starting to change. I had more energy through out the day, my legs didn’t burn when I walked up stairs, I had a feeling of challenge and inspiration every day, and I was welcomed in to a new community of people who were extremely successful and motivating people. I eventually started competing in local competitions and noticed that I was at the gym more than I was at home.

After about a year of CrossFit I started thinking about the possibility of opening a CrossFit Gym. I wanted to have the opportunity to introduce CrossFit to people and change their life like mine had been changed. I had many ideas of how I could streamline what CrossFit customers wanted out of their gyms. Shortly after I decided to take the CrossFit Level One Trianers Course.

I decided to do everything possible to open a gym during the 2013 CrossFit Games Open (March, 2013) and have been working toward that goal until now. There have been many ups and downs during the process and I have put an extreme amount of effort to make it happen. opening a CrossFit gym has been the hardest thing that I have ever  accomplished. I hope that I can use my experience in CrossFit to help other people reach their goals and become healthier human beings.

Adam Blevins

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